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featuring our pilot episode“The Memphis Belle, The Story of a Flying Fortress”With more great episodes to follow as we explore Military Sites around the world!

Celebrity Endorsement

“I have a pretty good eye for talent and I certainly know a high-quality production when I see one!”

Capt. Dale Dye is no stranger to blockbuster movies and popular television shows. Transferring his real-life military experience into a successful and sought-after Hollywood persona, Capt. Dye embodies his on-screen image as an authoritative and confident leader and military commander. Fortunately, he took director Oliver Stone’s advice to “never take an acting lesson” and simply brings his own, confident self when performing on camera.

Capt. Dye has appeared in, and served as the technical military advisor, to such great films as Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Casualties of War, and the monumental HBO Mini-Series, Band of Brothers. He has also appeared on several History Channel programs as an expert commentator on WWII topics.

Passing Capt. Dye’s inspection isn’t easy. He stated, “I have a pretty good eye for talent and I certainly know a high-quality production when I see one!” It was Military Sites‘ unique theme, cinematic quality and fact-based story telling that earned his endorsement. Military Sites extends Capt. Dye our sincere gratitude for supporting our humble production. Salute!


The opening sequence of Military Sites says it best!

World War Two!  A time when land, sea and air battles engulfed both sides of the globe.  We have all seen, at least, some of the countless film and photographs from the news reel and combat cameras.  Have you ever been curious about exactly where those events actually happened? 

Military Sites takes you to the exact location where the combat cameraman looked through his lens and pressed the shutter release.  Our show digs deep into when, why, who and where the action took place.  Is the location now a historical landmark?  Perhaps it’s a shopping mall, or maybe it has remained untouched, still showing the scars of battle.

Don’t expect a common “then and now” story.  Would you like to see a Ma-Deuce in action?  Do you want to fly in a vintage B-17 Flying Fortress bomber?  Military Sites even demonstrates how to blow up an enemy cave.  We even secured the only known, privately owned, film footage of Adolph Hitler visiting the foreboding “Eagle’s Nest.”

Furthermore, Military Sites features original, never-before-seen interviews with the WWII vets who were there!  We are fortunate to showcase courageous and intrepid veterans such as Medal of Honor recipient, Hershel “Woody” Williams and Col. Ed Shames, the last, remaining officer from the famed 101st Airborne, Band of Brothers unit.

Curious?  Go to the “Sneak Preview” page for some for some exciting clips of Military Sites!

Exclusive Access

“I wouldn’t be a good producer if I didn’t ask.”

“I wouldn’t be a good producer if I didn’t ask.” That’s the simple philosophy and driving force behind Military Sites. Our research experts know how to negotiate access! From areas “off-limits” to the public, to prohibited military installations, to securing rare and unpublished pictures from veterans and their families, Military Sites can truly claim “unprecedented content.” (Stay tuned to Military Sites as we bring our audience the only known film in existence of Adolph Hitler visiting the famed Eagle’s Nest!)

Distinguished Guests

Then & Now

Combat & Archive Film

Host & Executive Producer

Ted Rouse made his first film at the age of 12 using his father’s 8mm movie camera.  He calls it the “great WWII epic” crammed into three minutes!  By any standard, that first film was crude but it sparked a life-long interest in movie and television production.  Ted credits his father, a WWII Army Air Corps veteran, for making history come alive.  At first, his father’s collection of war-time memorabilia was used to play soldier in the back yard.  Eventually, they became irreplaceable props and fascinating content in Ted’s historical film productions.

With more than 30 years of experience in television broadcast production, Ted’s credits include thousands of hours of programming, thousands of commercials, and hundreds of hours of live content.  His work has been seen nationally on The CBS Evening News, ABC’s Good Morning America, Fox’s Funniest People, The Montel Williams Show and even The David Copperfield Magic Special.

Ted recently teamed with Catherine Wyler, the daughter of Hollywood director, William Wyler, to produce a comprehensive documentary about her father’s journey from his humble origins in Mulhouse, France to a career that included three Oscars as “best director.” The Turner Classic Movie (TCM) channel “picked up” the program which will air in 2023.

Ted is also an unabashed “academic nerd” and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Public Administration.

In many ways, Ted has cultivated his first film into a polished and professional program that stands ready to entertain, inform and amaze today’s television and digital audience.

Co-Host Tara Jones

Emmy winner, Tara Jones, began her media career at age 15 when she created, hosted and syndicated her own talk show.  She developed her passion with a degree in communications from Florida State University, then progressed to the major networks as a host, field reporter and news anchor.
Tara ultimately chose Atlanta, the new epicenter of the film industry, as her home base, to focus solely on acting.  Her credits include FlightNeed for Speed with Breaking Bad alum, Aaron Paul, Drop Dead Diva, and Necessary Roughness.  Aside from serving as a national spokesperson for several Fortune 500 brands, Tara insists her two greatest productions are her wonderful daughters, both of whom already have national credits.

Co-Host Mary Kay Riley

Mary Kay Riley is an accomplished actress, singer and dancer.  It was Mary Kay’s life-long love of history and travel which drew her to audition for a co-host role on Military Sites.  Her acting credits include numerous regional and national commercials and the TV series Longmire and Gone and most recently the feature film Rust.  Mary Kay released her first two musical albums in 2020.

Originally from Erie Pennsylvania, Mary Kay graduated from Penn State University and has followed professional opportunities by residing in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and most recently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the “up and coming hotbed” of media entertainment.

Combat Cameramen

“Their ‘gun-sight’ was a viewfinder and their ‘weapon’ shot at 24 frames per second”

It was the “mass media” of its day!  WWII has the distinction of being the first global conflict to be photographed and filmed on an industrial scale for the specific purpose of informing the American public and training the intrepid men and women who answered the call of duty.  The role of the combat cameraman and the U.S. Army Signal Corps is central to the theme of Military Sites.  Their “gun-sight” was a viewfinder and their “weapon” shot at 24 frames per second.  You would find them in the thick of battle, risking their lives to chronicle both the tragic and triumphant images of war.

Behind the Scenes

Hollywood At War

“Each location in a movie is the ‘other actor’ an audience pays to see.”

Hollywood brought the human experience of World War Two to the silver screen well before America’s involvement. Since then, WWII subject matter has given movie goers a countless array of action flicks, dramas, biographies, comedies and love stories. Oscar winning director and U.S. Army Air Corps Lt. Col. William Wyler once said, “Each location in a movie is the ‘other actor’ an audience pays to see.” As an added bonus for our Military Sites audience, our cameras showcase fascinating places from popular WWII movies.

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