The opening sequence of Military Sites says it best!

World War Two!  A time when land, sea and air battles engulfed both sides of the globe.  We have all seen, at least, some of the countless film and photographs from the news reel and combat cameras.  Have you ever been curious about exactly where those events actually happened? 

Military Sites takes you to the exact location where the combat cameraman looked through his lens and pressed the shutter release.  Our show digs deep into when, why, who and where the action took place.  Is the location now a historical landmark?  Perhaps it’s a shopping mall, or maybe it has remained untouched, still showing the scars of battle.

Don’t expect a common “then and now” story.  Would you like to see a Ma-Deuce in action?  Do you want to fly in a vintage B-17 Flying Fortress bomber?  Military Sites even demonstrates how to blow up an enemy cave.  We even secured the only known, privately owned, film footage of Adolph Hitler visiting the foreboding “Eagle’s Nest.”

Furthermore, Military Sites features original, never-before-seen interviews with the WWII vets who were there!  We are fortunate to showcase courageous and intrepid veterans such as Medal of Honor recipient, Hershel “Woody” Williams and Col. Ed Shames, the last, remaining officer from the famed 101st Airborne, Band of Brothers unit.

Curious?  Go to the “Sneak Preview” page for some for some exciting clips of Military Sites!